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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I have my first follower!

Thank you to Stephanie for being my first follower!  Woot woot!!  I'm on my way now.

I just plain ol' don't feel good today so I am taking today to learn all about my Gypsy.   I received it for Christmas (but a week late) and have only been able to take the time to sync my cartridges and little else.  I have played on it.  I'm not an so busy that I don't make some time to play with my toys!

I also got a Cricut Expression 2 with some money I received as a gift.  It just arrived yesterday and I had fun figuring out which port is which, calibrating the screen, etc and then made a few cuts.  I love the light that's on the blade housing!  I've always wondered how that little booger worked and now I know.  My friend Jennifer is buying my original Expression and I am going to give her lessons on all the buttons, etc.  I reckon she'll get to use the cartridges I get loaded on to the Gypsy as well.

Thanks for stopping by.  My current WIP's (works in progress) are for several challenges.  I'm also going to a card making party on Saturday where we are all going to make our Christmas cards for 2012.  I hit post-Christmas clearance sales for ribbon and other things I can use for embellishments.  The hostess decided we should do this in January so we won't be struggling to get enough cards made at the last minute.  I thinks it's a marvelous idea!  Our Christmas stamps aren't yet buried, we've got left over and cheaply acquired supplies and the fellowship will be fabulous.

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